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Shorter nap rollers are best for oil based paints and medium nap rollers for water based paints. Short nap rollers are ideal for gloss paints or for painting onto smooth surfaces. Medium nap rollers are used for water based paints onto plaster. Long nap rollers are best for rough or textured surfaces.

What size roller is best:

230 - 270mm for walls, ceilings, floors and paths.

130 - 180mm for large cupboards, doors and furniture

80 - 130mm for trims and small surface and Wrought Iron.

Preparing roller covers:

For water based paints spin the roller to remove any dust. Rinse in water to remove any loose fibres. For oil based paints rinse the roller in mineral turpentine and spin it dry.

Selecting the right size paintbrush:

100mm or wider is ideal for large surfaces. Walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, chimneys, shingles, boats and pools. They can hold a lot of paint and so can become heavy to the inexperienced user.

65 - 75mm are suitable for medium to large areas like cupboards, floorboards, steps, fascias, guttering, eaves, door, skirting, large pipes, picket fences and outdoor furniture.
38 - 50mm are best for small to medium jobs like doors, screens, table tops, pickets, cabinets, furniture, small panels, window frames, tressiles, mouldings, shutters, downpipe and garden tools.
12 - 25mm are great for small jobs, touch up work and hard to get at areas. They are also good for toys, chairs and other small areas.